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2015: A Year End Review by Our President

As 2015 draws to a close and my second year as President of the American Dance Therapy Association begins, I welcome this opportunity to reflect on this past year and on the many exciting projects and accomplishments that we together as an organization and community have shared. Here is a short list of a much […]

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50Years/50Ways with Dance/Movement Therapist Rayni Collins

“I’ve held workshops for 25+ students, but also as little as seven attendees. No matter how large or small the number of open ears, hearts, and minds that are present, there are so many individuals out there waiting to find out about dance/movement therapy.”    Wise words indeed.    Meet Rayni Collins, a dance/movement therapist who, […]

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Research on the Efficacy of Dance/Movement Therapy is Growing

The body of written work for and about dance/movement therapy is ever expanding, offering growing evidence for the professional recognition of the field. In honor of National Creative Arts Therapies Week, the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) Blog team compiled this list of recent and relevant scholarly writing related to the practice of dance/movement therapy. […]

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Dance/Movement Therapy has Positive Impact on Quality of Life, Depression, Anxiety, Well-being, Mood, Affect, and Body Image: A Journal Brief

Dance/movement therapists are frequently challenged to produce the “evidence” that dance/movement therapy (DMT) is useful in treatment, a request that can seem at odds with the creative and subjective ways of knowing that they and creative arts therapists, in general, employ in practice. In 2014, Koch et al. published a study summarizing and synthesizing research […]

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50 Years/50 Ways Meets National Creative Arts Therapies Week 2016

  It’s that time of year again: National Creative Arts Therapies Week is here! March 13th to 19th is an exciting time for dance/movement therapists all across the world because the creative arts therapies are in the spotlight. What better way to help spread awareness than to complete a pledge for the American Dance Therapy Association’s (ADTA) 50years/50ways campaign? Check out what […]

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